Specializing in Children with Feeding Difficulties

In Home Evaluation, Consultation and Treatment Services, Consultation to Caregivers and Health Professionals

Welcome to Children’s Feeding Therapy

Many families struggle with their children’s feeding issues long before they are referred for a feeding assessment.  Physicians,  other health professionals and families of children requiring feeding intervention are often not aware that feeding specialists like myself exist or that there are therapy services available.

Children’s Feeding Therapy can provide:

  • evaluation and treatment services in the family home
  • help provide families  with an understanding of their child’s feeding needs
  • provide  families with tools to teach their child to learn to become a better eater
  • provide support to families
  • consultation with other professionals the child and family are involved with



“My 5 yr old child won’t eat anything except bread, soft cookies, french fries, milk, pudding and chicken nuggets. Our physician is not concerned because he is growing, but I’m worried about his nutrition. What can we do? We have tried everything!!”

“My baby is 12 months old and is exclusively breast fed. She refuses to drink from a bottle or cup and I have to return to work in a month. What should I do?”

” Our 14 month old twins refuse to eat table foods of any sort and only want pureed baby foods. They gag on any lumps or textured food. They also prefer to drink their bottle than to eat.”

” Our son had severe reflux as a baby (throwing up after feeds) and now is very difficult to feed. Do you have any suggestions?”